Tackling everything from Mozart and Puccini to Elvis and Old Spice commercials, Gilda Wabbit takes audiences on a journey through the world’s most iconic operas and the pop culture they inspired, drawing parallels that give modern audiences a glimpse into just why classical music really belongs to everyone.

Noted for her “powerful countertenor vocals” and being “off the cuff, wonderfully vulgar and very funny” (Nightlife Exchange, 2018), Gilda Wabbit takes on the subject matter with skill and disarming humor. ​Gilda Wabbit’s Big Gay Opera Show​ has something for everyone. Opera lovers, and haters, will be enlightened...and delighted.


BGOS premiered to critical acclaim in New York City, and has played engagements in Louisville, Cincinnati, Orlando and Nashville (featuring American Idol and Broadway's Diana DeGarmo).


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